Team Orange Accuracy / LVG results

Team Orange Accuracy / LVG results

A couple of weeks ago we had a run at the Victorian Precision Service Rifle - Series comp shoot up in Castlemaine, Victoria.

After a couple of quick phone calls, finding level ground, I paired up with the head trainer at Orange Accuracy. A very calm and honest, no bullshit kind of bloke who is a squared away shooter and is easy to communicate with on the firing line (if you're looking to sharpen up your skills, get in touch to discuss options). OA is running a really sleek Surgeon 6.5CM with Nightforce BEAST.

We settled in fairly quickly and had a pretty solid day.
LVG ended up 2nd in open division with my 260REM / Nightforce Optics BEAST. I dumped a tonne of points on an easy 600yd serial in the heavy mirage, while as a team we landed 3rd in the open division pairs group which was good for our first run on the line. Some serious competition in these shoots, excellent shooters with a tonne of experience and lots of rounds down range! Pro wind calls and spotting from OA, you often simply can NOT do this alone, a good spotter is essential.

Equipment for the day we were running a full suite of Low Vis Gear:

- Shooting Mats

- MK3 Can Bag

- MK6 XRay Rear Bag

- ZipSackG3 (Small) for spent rounds etc.

- Prototype LVG rifle sling

All in the glorious A-Tacs Camo Intermediate eXtreme (as usual) pattern. PURPOSE driven gear that works well on a flat range just as it does in the hills or at work.

I always enjoy shooting up at Castlemaine, surrounded by excellent people, never a single issue, Jarrod is a great bloke, the Castlemaine Rifle club are very accepting, friendly and accommodating... Thanks lads, looking forward to getting back up.

As manufacturers of LR shooting products, we apply our lessons learned and past experiences into the design of our products... We don't steal designs, draw up nice looking pictures, sew fabric together and push crap out into the market.

We back all our gear and know 100% that it is fit for purpose.... Practice what you preach!

For training and skills development - Go and suss out:

Have a good weekend guys, stay sharp... Stay safe.


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