LVG - MK6 Xray Rear Bag

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Please note: This item is made to order. Please contact LVG to discuss lead times and availability.

Cut in rectangular rear bag designed to grab your rifle stock when under load, filled with synthetic media that will not absorb water. This is a small to mid sized rear bag based off our tried and tested MK1 Rear Bag.

H&K 1" SNAP HOOK Hardware is available when selected to go with the MK6 With Strap however you can simply add any personally owned 1" sling hardware being QD Swivels, Snap Hooks or general Swivel stud mounts as required.

The MK6 XRAY Rear Bag is best used to support the front, middle or rear of your precision rifle in field firing conditions or on the range.
Acting as a buffer between your rifle stock and the hard object below (rock / tree / window frame / vehicle etc.), MK6 XRAY will provide a more stable firing platform while enhancing recoil management.

Can also be used for stabilising optics (bino's, LRF or spotting scopes), tripod cradle shooting and protecting your expensive equipment!

For barricade shooting, smaller stocked rifles can loop the long strap over both the barrel and stock to keep the bag in position when on the move.

For ultra low positional shooting, collapse your bipod then loop the legs through the webbing strap to keep the bag in position when on the move.


  • Features

    • Cut-In Rectangular shaped rear bag
    • Dimensions: 160mm x 120mm x 40mm approx
    • Weight: 260 grams approx
    • Reinforced corners
    • Fabric: 500 Denier nylon
    • Fill material: Poly pellets (will not absorb water)
    • Colour matched 1" webbing tape
    • Long side barrel / action strap
    • Built sleek and tough.


    Please note that being a small business, any Low Vis Gear items ordered online that are not currently in stock will be made to order and sent out as soon as possible. Thank you!