About us / Policies

"Task oriented, minimalist, hand crafted equipment made with quality materials & solid design concepts."

Low Vis Gear is a focused, precision rifle nylon workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

We do NOT believe in the 'SPORK' concept, where a basic item tries to do too many things to the point where it fails dismally at everything. Every product we make and distribute has been developed and produced to address an equipment deficiency identified during our travels, hunting in the hills, camping, hiking, or at work.

Drawing on years of relevant industry and personal experience, our aim is to retain simplicity and core function without over complicating everything.

We take PRIDE in every product we sell, with the goal being that the gear you purchase will last a long time.

*** Due to market demand constantly increasing, we partnered with SORD Australia to assist in manufacturing certain Low Vis Gear products. Being a small business, we literally could not keep up with orders AND grow concurrently. Running product logistics, manufacturing, order packing, accounting, marketing, testing, prototyping, emails, social media etc... We hit a big wall.

We trust SORD completely and their 20+ years of extremely high quality, government contract winning manufacturing. We have had a strong partnership with SORD since 2003.

To this day, we still work very closely with SORD in terms of concept design, development, prototyping, production and ongoing improvement, mutually supporting each other as we travel along this path. All prototyping and testing is done by LVG and SORD in Australia, selected products are sent to Vietnam for production. Everything is checked in Australia before hitting the shelves.

We are proud to have such great friends in Australia with an outstanding manufacturing capacity in Vietnam. I have personally visited these Vietnam based factories and was nothing but impressed with their output capacity, speed, precision and dedication to the craft.

Rest assured; SORD use only the highest quality USA sourced materials, the exact same sewing machines, their staff have an amazing work ethic and they are proud to be part of a global business.

This is a massive step forward for LVG as it allows us to focus on product development while certain products are being manufactured by an extremely capable group with LIGHT YEARS more experience in lean manufacturing and ISO accreditation.

In the long run, we will continue to grow and push out more excellent gear in partnership with companies like SORD - Thank you for your support! ***

Low Vis Gear are proud brand partners with the exceptional A-Tacs Camo company out of the USA. We share a passion for cutting edge, highly effective camouflage... A-Tacs have had their finger on the pulse since 2009 and are constantly pushing forwards! We were the pioneering company worldwide to offer precision rifle equipment in their glorious iX pattern.

We are also the exclusive Australian distributors of Armageddon Gear, Precision Rifle Solutions, Triad Tactical, Warhorse Development and others, out of the USA.

All of these companies make extremely high quality equipment for serious shooters. If you are chasing anything from these groups, let us know and we will do our best to sort you out.

We don't plan on taking over the world or drawing too much attention. We work away in the background, in the shadows... Being low-vis.

Thanks for your time.





Despite our best efforts, fabric shades, hardware and liner colours can be subject to change without notice. We strive for consistency and always do our best to keep things the same.



Being a small business, items that are not in stock will be made to order and posted off as soon as possible! If you are unable to order due to a shopping cart setting we may be sourcing more materials and preventing a potentially lengthy wait on your end. If for any reason there will be an extended wait, we will contact you via email to clarify.



If a package for whatever reason is returned to us due to customer error (eg, a mistake in the Paypal address during ordering, the recipient moving address, or any reason beyond our control and responsibility, the customer is responsible for covering the cost of reshipping the item. We will attempt to contact the customer to acquire payment for additional shipping, however if no reply is received within 7 days, the original order will be cancelled and refunded, minus the cost of the initial shipping charge. If there are any costs incurred due to the package being returned, the refund may also be subject to a restocking fee to cover any additional charges.



LOW VIS GEAR is not responsible for any items that are LOST or STOLEN whilst in transit. We STRONGLY recommend using a trackable post method when shipping any items to us.


This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to the look, graphics, artwork, logos, item designs etc. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions.


Thank you for your interest in our products.


A-TACS CAMO - https://www.a-tacs.com/
Leading edge camouflage design group. Constantly pushing the limits of visual deception. We are proud brand partners with this excellent company.
Armageddon Gear - http://www.armageddongear.com
Low Vis Gear is proudly the Australian distributor for this excellent, high quality equipment fresh out of the USA.
Warhorse Development - Our excellent friends in Montana, USA. Creators of high quality, practical field gear.

Cole-Tac - We proudly distribute exceptional products from this excellent North American company.

Ridgeline Defense - From Maine in the USA. Creators of the 'HOG Leash' sling, the pinnacle of run and gun slings.
Precision Rifle Solutions - http://www.precisionriflesolutions.com/
Low Vis Gear is proudly the exclusive Australian distributor for PRS gear from this excellent company out of Texas, USA. Support your rifle and optics in the field with their light weight yet extremely practical gear.
Triad Tactical - https://www.triadtactical.com/
Low Vis Gear is proudly the Australian distributor for this excellent, long standing high quality LR shooting company from the USA. Everyone knows Triad Tactical.
SORD Australia - www.sordaustralia.com
The very well known Australian tactical equipment pioneer that has continually  developed and produced high end Military, Police & Special Operations gear since 2004.
Delta Tactical - https://www.deltatactical.com.au/
Melbourne based company, heavily involved in the Precision Rifle Series, importers of Accuracy International, Proof Research, Area 419 etc.
Platatac - http://www.platatac.com/
Australian Military, Police tactical and outdoor equipment company from Melbourne, Australia. Been around a long time, carry a vast range of gear.
Huntsman Aus - https://huntsmanfirearms.com.au/
An exceptional Australian company focusing on some of the highest quality precision shooting gear available.
Orange Accuracy - https://www.orangeaccuracy.com/
TRAINING Provider for long range rifle shooting, operating out of Canberra, ACT, Australia. Excellent instruction from a credible source.