Precision Rifle Series - MATCH GEAR

Precision Rifle Series - MATCH GEAR

Good evening mates,

We get asked a lot, "What do you use?" and "What do I need?" (to compete in a match).

Depending who you speak to, that can be a dangerous question. This is a seemingly simple question, but it's not easy to help someone on their quest for efficiency!

Short answer: You don't NEED a lot of gear to get involved.

Longer answer: All you really NEED is a capable rifle with a detachable 10 round magazine, spare 10 round mag, consistent ammunition, good ear plugs / muffs, a reasonable sized day pack (20-35L), 2L water, snacks, pen and paper, bipod, one general purpose rear bag and that's really about it to get involved.

 You can absolutely get by with a minimalist loadout, however what you will find quickly is that you are fairly limited in terms of options when shooting off barricades, over / under awkward shaped items etc.

You need to ask yourself "Why am I doing this?"
1. Get better at dealing with really awkward, positional shooting?
2. Chasing trophies for the #Gram?
3. To hang out with a tonne of like minded people and get some really good shooting done?

At the end of the day, the only person that matters is you, no one else really cares how well you shoot or how much you struggled. This is a very personal battle between you and your equipment, fighting the environment for individual reasons or glory... It is not a team sport, but you get out what you put in which is very humbling for a lot of people. Bottom line is be happy with what you're doing or make some changes.

 What do I use? I'll throw a photo up and go through it quickly. This is my gear as used at the last PRS Australia match in Mildura. Don't use my kit as a bible by any means, it's just a pile of stuff that I have sifted through and refined to this point. I have built this setup up over 10+ years of constant frustration and personal challenges. It all started off as a completely out of the box Remington 700 Police with a HS Precision stock and a SFP Leupold MK4. Nothing happens quickly, stick with it and you'll figure out what's important to you.

Rifle and accessories:
- Accuracy International short action 'AX308', Sage Green
- 6.5 Creedmoor (Factory Hornady 140gr ELDM, no time to reload at the moment!)
- Nightforce 5-25x optic with Tremor3 reticle
- Atlas PSR bipod with Really Right Stuff arca rail clamp
- HRD Gear 9" Arca rail
- Spuhr 4603B scope mount
- Area419 Sidewinder muzzle brake
- Proof Research 24" Carbon Fiber barrel.

Environment / Data:
- Kestrel 5700 with Link and Applied Ballistics
- iPhone app Ballistic ARC.
- Armageddon Gear Competition Data Armband (critical piece of gear for mid shoot data!!)
- Vortex Fury LRF 10x binoculars (to spot shooters before hand and watch mirage)

You will NEED good ballistic data for your load obviously, to hit 30cm targets at 600+ meters. You don't need a kestrel but you do need data.

Barricade And Shooting Related Bags:
- LVG MK6 Xray with strap and QD swivel (It goes anywhere the rifle goes for quick running and gunning stages!)
- Armageddon Gear LVG Spec PintSized Game Changer (Small, nimble, light)
- Warhorse Development Comanche (Drapes exceptionally well over larger, wider barricades)
- Armageddon Gear Sticky OG Game Changer (For open top barricades, sticks like glue!)
- Armageddon Gear Fat Bag (Large) for building a position under the arm or rifle

General gear:
- LVG CTR Belt, for mounting pouches. I find MOLLE more stable than simple belt pouches. I have worked from a belt for years, it's a bit random but works well and doesn't shift.
- SORD Kestrel pouch (keep it close at hand for pre-shoot checks to confirm my guestimates)
- SORD LRF G3 pouch (slings and random small things kept in here, keep pockets free)
- SORD Dump pouch, for spent cases and mags after a stage
- Horyzen Tactical Kydex molle magazine pouch, QUICKEST mag pouch available
- SORD AICS 5RD Double for spare magazine, I admin load from this pouch.
- Eberlestock Halftrack pack to store all my rubbish
- LVG Zip Sack G2 Medium for spent cases
- LVG Zip Sack G3 Small for admin items (batteries, ear plugs, tape, basic tools etc.
- LVG Mountain Rifle Cover, for inclement weather, protect your action / trigger and optics from rain and dust.
- Platatac Field Utility Cleaning Kit Pouch, rifle cleaning kit in a tight packed organised zippered pouch. Very handy and well made.
- Sordin Supreme Pro ear muffs with gel cup upgrades for long days on the range.

- Mission Criticical Designs, Precision Rifle Shooting Tripod (PRST) from Huntsman Aus.
- Ball head with reasonable load rating
- Really Right Stuff SCLR picatinny / Arca clamp
- LVG Leg wraps
- Precision Rifle Solutions Universal Optics Plate for holding the LRF Binos securely
- Wind check ribbon

- SORD Australia - Light Field Anorak 3.0, highly practical and tough jacket with exceptional pocket layout and climate control.
- Platatac - Tac Dax Special Project pants, the most comfortable and ergenomic field pants I've ever come across.
- LVG Hoodie for cooler mornings
- LVG Cap
- Sombrero.... Because.

All of the nylon gear, we supply right here while the vast majority of the remaining gear is available from our friends companies below:

(Accuracy International / BT Industries / Proof Research / HRD Gear / Area419 / Spuhr / Nightforce etc.... Excellent people)

(Mission Critical Tripod / HOG Saddle / Bipods / Magnetospeed / Nightforce etc... Also excellent people up in QLD)

(Kydex custom magazine pouches from our mate Jeff in Melbourne)



I hope this helps at least one person get involved, that's what it's all about... Don't live your life wondering, get involved. Head down to a local match, watch and get stuck into it!

Have a good weekend.



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