LVG Development Wing - 001

LVG Development Wing - 001

"Everything is your fault, stop looking for EXCUSES... Start looking for REASONS."

Meaningful training and relevant practice is a critical part of progression in any skill set. In this sector of the project, we aim to improve shooter skills by putting out a few DIY documents and information that will guide shooters of all levels through a series of self driven capability 'assessments'.

It is important to appreciate that this is not a competition however at a club or work level may be used as a tool to help promote a bit of banter and growth across the group.

Accountability, realistic expectations, safety, consistency, efficiency etc. are all key words and phrases that should be at the fore front of your mind every time you get behind a trigger...


The first drill is the LVG '20 Round Hunter Dot Drill':


This is a 5 set course of fire skill assessment to highlight the importance of working with comfortable and practical equipment in the hills.

This page is designed primarily for centrefire rifles at 100 meters however this can easily be adapted for rimfire rifles at 25 or 50 meters if that is what you are limited to or want to spice things up.

Page size ideally will be set to A4 however, again this can be printed on A3 to begin with and then progress down to A4 in order to increase difficulty by reducing target size.

Range 100 meters for center fire rifles, 1 box of ammo (20 rounds), whatever day pack you would carry whilst hunting, whatever rear bag and rifle you would carry whilst hunting (or any other equipment you like, of course).



1: Print this off, staple or tape the page to a backer in all corners. Ideally, take a photo on your phone or have a 2nd print off handy to guide your shoot from the firing position.

2: Establish your correct range then confirm rifle zero in the top right corner with 2 rounds, make adjustments as required and repeat if needed (this will require additional rounds obviously).

3: Work through series A to E, completing each course of fire sequentially. DO NOT FIRE MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF ROUNDS PRESCRIBED on the document. Shoot to move, not hit to move... If you miss, don't stress, record it and move on. Key point: You are allowed to struggle, or be a Jedi. Use the stop watch on your phone or watch as a timer (or just use the times as a guide only). If alone, set your phone onto stop watch, press start then begin at the 10 second mark or a time of your choosing, this will give you time to stand back up and prepare etc.

4. Timings are a GUIDE ONLY, to keep some pressure on and ideally enforce good habits being rehearsed efficiently... Do not rush if you are still new, learning what to do and how to do it... Your priority should be HITS, not speed at this point. As you develop, speed and hits will blend together.

5. Once completed, fill out the information on the bottom of the page. Date, rifle and ammo, Score, excuses and D/A... As a reference for later, to look back on.

6. Take a photo, throw it up on IG / FB and tag us, keep the hard copy in a folder with your loading data or safe so we can build on your skills and come back to it down the track to re-assess progress.

(This glorious display of marksmanship was from Team AI 'Butters' with his Vudoo 22LR at 50m.)

Lastly, take pride in what you're doing... Don't cut corners. Go at this cold, don't have a warm up, 20 rounds then jump into it... You want to have these skills on demand, cold, with no warm up, no rehearsals etc... In the field, you don't get any of that.


If you have any questions or want to tell us your score and timings, let us know - get in touch!


Any use of these documents or information is conducted at your own risk, in your own time, on your own property or range. All local laws must be obeyed and adhered to at all times. Low Vis Gear is not and will not be liable for any damage, loss or injury that may result from conducting these activities. Always use personal protective equipment. Safety is paramount. It is critical that any person involved is briefed and aware of the activity. Conduct any training and physical activity within your own ability, this is not a competition or a race.


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