LVG Training Tip 3: Tripod Kneeling

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LVG Training Tip 3: Tripod Kneeling


The goal of a tripod is to elevate the rifle off the ground to shoot over or through obstacles... Otherwise you'd of course just shoot from prone.

The problem with being off the ground is muscular and skeletal issues become more apparent. Instability brought into the system has to be managed carefully while accepting that you have a constant, unavoidable 'wiggle space' (call it whatever you like)... We are not machines with hydraulics, we can't sit still for very long.

Key tips for shooting off a tripod while kneeling:
- Get as low to the ground as possible.
- Avoid squatting, your thighs can only do so much work before fatiguing.
- Avoid bone on bone contact (elbow to knee cap).
- Build your position with a pack, Armageddon Gear Fat Bag (check out website) or other bulky item that you can snug up under your weapon side shoulder or sit on to fill a hole.
- With a tripod, extend the THICKEST legs first, they are stronger and flex less.
- I try to stay square behind the rifle if possible to help with recoil, much like barricade shooting I'll try to be square behind it as opposed to blading off.
- Point the FORWARD single leg TOWARDS THE TARGET, in line with the muzzle, this will help recoil spread out rearwards onto both legs (square with your shoulders) that will rock the system back before falling forwards back to where it started (critical)
- Try to balance the rifle in the cradle I suggest, so the rifle is being supported mostly by the tripod, minimising your physical effort.
- Try to create at least some isometric tension, pushing and pulling on the rifle / tripod to stiffen the system up.
- Relax, work within your wriggle space.... Accept it and move on.
- Focus on the trigger, while watching the reticle.
- Be consistent when you figure out what works best for you.

This image is of one of the TeamLVG shooters with a 338LM, 650ish meter IPSC in 10-15kph winds. The 300gr SMK hits like a TRAIN at that range.

Look at his hands: Pushing and pulling, fat bag under the arm, nice and low, tripod legs in line with muzzle... Solid.

Piece of cake!..... None of this is hard, just complicated!

Tripod shooting is a good skill to possess, it will make you a better marksman overall.

* The tripod is a Mission Critical Designs - "Precision Rifle Shooting Tripod" (PRST) from our mates at Huntsman Aus (available by clicking here).

 * The tripod cradle is from Shadow Tech - "Hog Saddle" also from our mates at Huntsman Aus (available by clicking here):

Tripods are expensive, mechanical cradles are expensive... But you get what you pay for, if you go for a cheap, second hand camera tripod off an online auction, don't expect it to handle recoil well, don't expect it to support a heavy field rifle well, expect things to bend, flex and eventually snap, expect cheap ball heads to flop down and be ultra slack, making everything HARD.... Treat a tripod, like you would an optic, do it once properly if you can afford it.

Let me know how you go. Post your thoughts below! We are all on a journey for knowledge.


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