LVG Development Wing - 002

LVG Development Wing - 002

"Comfortable successful"

Our second installment from the LVG Training Wing. This time focusing on working with tripods. Deployment, carriage, interfacing the rifle and the tripod by way of support cradle / clamp / arca / bag ontop of platform etc.

Click HERE to download the 'LVG Tripod Deployment Drill' sheet.

This drill sheet is designed for you to work at your 'comfortable' but 'successful' speed, you are allowed to make mistakes. Each course of fire is conducted three times for time (no par time on this one), allowing you the opportunity to push your limits a bit or go as slow as you like to ensure you do a GOOD job.

The key when using a tripod is to let the structure of the tripod do as much work as possible, with you managing the system from a distance where possible... This needs to be a conscious decision, to control the rifle by loading the system with a sling and isometric tension or to try and avoid being too involved and letting the structure do the work for you, a bit like 'free recoiling' off a barricade. Each has it's own benefits and drawbacks.

Be critical of yourself, anytime behind a tripod.. Don't look for excuses, look for reasons.

We will go into this further down the track. Above all else.... EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT!




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