LVG - Mountain Hunting Sling

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Chasing sling hardware currently, loop end slings are in stock! 

The new, ultra sleek, as thin as we could make it ‘Mountain hunting sling’.

For the group who weigh everything and add up the grams, we decided to make a sling that is fairly comfortable without any additional bulk.

When running a binocular harness AND a pack AND a rifle sling, there is padding on padding on padding... Everything begins to roll off the shoulders edge and things quickly become difficult to manage.

- Designed for 'lightweight' hunting rifles weighing in the 5kg and below bracket
- Open end loops, you can easily add or remove your own sling hardware as needed
- Grip fabric on the shoulder face, increases control and traction
- Great clean sling that can be easily adjusted with one hand
- Made for us by the fine people at SORD.