SORD / LVG - Tripod Leg Covers

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NEW FOR Q3 2020!

Protect the carbon fiber legs on your tripod with these highly practical and adjustable leg wraps. LVG assisted in the design of these excellent covers based off our early in house prototypes we had been working through for the last two years.

The RRS34 covers were designed for the slightly shorter when collapsed RRS SOAR TVC-34 tripod (4 leg section tripod) however this cover set will also work well on the Mission Critical Designs 'Precision Rifle Shooting Tripod'.

The 34's also work on the longer RRS TVC-33 tripod (pictured) HOWEVER there is a 15cm approx. gap down the bottom. To address this, we designed the 33 covers that are purpose built for the 33 tripod.

Security wrap top and bottom with grib fabric will help them stay in place.

The elasticized bungee cord with barrel lock runs the full length of the cover allowing you to cinch it down snug on slightly thinner tripod legs if required.


RRS33 = 440mm

RRS34 = 295mm

MOLLE column running up the length of the tripod allows the attachment of SINGLE ROW pouches such as the SORD Kestrel Pouch.