Ridgeline Defense - HOGLeash Sling

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14/01/2022 - NEW PRODUCT: Currently en-route from the USA. We are proud to offer this outstanding new sling from an excellent company in Australia. Product ETA - still a few weeks off with international freight & customs.

The Ridgeline “HOGleash” sling is the culmination of over a decade of trial, error, and buying riggers beer to stitch up mods to an OG VTAC sling. Designed by the staff at Ridgeline, we enlisted the talent of Edgar Sherman Design to create a mock up, and the stitching expertise and capabilities of ColeTac, to keep everything designed and produced in New Hampshire, USA.
Featuring a quick release snap shackle similar to a Helo retention lanyard, this allows the shooter to clip in or out of the sling quickly with one hand. At the rear of the sling the Tegris rear support ensures you’re never without a rear bag, but weighs next to nothing and lays flat against the body until needed. The front of the sling is left free of hardware, so it won’t interfere if the sling wrap is your preferred tripod/barricade technique.
"Let’s get serious, it’s a strap, we’re not breeding pandas here. But if you’re looking for stability, smaller wobble zones, and speed with your Precision Rifle or SPR, it helps."

Available in multiple colours!