Strategic Partners


Leading edge camouflage design group. Patterns include AU, FG, iX, LE-X, AT-X, AU-X, FG-X etc. Constantly pushing the limits of visual deception. We are proud brand partners with this excellent company.
Armageddon Gear -
Low Vis Gear is proudly the Australian distributor for this excellent, high quality equipment fresh out of the USA. If you are chasing anything, get in touch with us and we'll sort you out!
Precision Rifle Solutions -
Low Vis Gear is proudly the exclusive Australian distributor for PRS gear from this excellent company out of Texas, USA. Support your rifle and optics in the field with their light weight yet extremely practical gear! If you're chasing any of their other great gear, get in touch with us and we'll sort you out!
Triad Tactical -
Low Vis Gear is proudly the Australian distributor for this excellent, long standing high quality LR shooting company from the USA. Everyone knows Triad Tactical. If you are chasing anything, get in touch with us.

Warhorse Development -
Montana based company, excellent people making the Saracen, Comanche and Taffy bags! The "tactical udder" that everyone knows about. If you need anything else from them, let us know!

High Range Outdoors -
Australian manufacturer of bags, packs, sacks, straps and all manner of quality outdoor items!
Tier Gear -
Australian manufacturer of hammocks, under / over quilts, tarps, suspension systems and everything in between.
Pioneer Knife & Tool -
A great couple of Australian blokes who have come together to make rock solid bushcraft and field related knife.
Projectile Warehouse -
Suppliers of quality reloading, ammunition and accessory components. Low Vis Gear online distributor.
SORD Australia -
The very well known Australian tactical equipment pioneer that has continually  developed and produced high end Military, Police & Special Operations gear since 2004.
Delta Tactical -
Melbourne based company, heavily involved in the Precision Rifle Series, importers of Accuracy International, Proof Research, Area 419 etc.
Australian Precision Service Rifle competition group -
Long Range practical competition shooting, Vic series is hosted in Castlemaine. Excellent group of people that have supported Low Vis Gear since the beginning! Come out and get involved.
Platatac -
Australian Military, Police tactical and outdoor equipment company from Melbourne, Australia. Been around a long time, carry a vast range of gear.
Hardcore Hardware Australia -
Blade smiths responsible for the designing, development and production of high quality blades in Melbourne, Australia.
Huntsman Aus -
An exceptional Australian company focusing on some of the highest quality precision shooting gear available.
Orange Accuracy -
TRAINING Provider for long range rifle shooting, operating out of Canberra, ACT, Australia. Excellent instruction from a credible source.

Practical Rifle Training
Scotty has been on the scene for a while, pushing solid training out to long range shooters and hunters. Excellent instruction from a credible source.

365 Precision Training
NSW based precision rifle training provider with their own ONE MILE range. Veteran owned and staffed by knowledgeable shooters