LVG - Shelter Roll

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14/06/2023 - A-Tacs iX NOW IN STOCK!

Keep your tarp, pegs and cordage separate but together in this rugged & simple pouch.


If you’ve ever carried around a hootchie, a fistful of bird nested Paracord, angry octopus straps and a bunch of sharp, bent pegs… You know how annoying it can be trying to keep things under control in your pack or finding it all in the dark.

Pouch lids are secured with Velcro meaning this isn’t supposed to be overly ‘Tac’ however is perfect for hunting, camping and Bushcraft / survival type adventures into the hills.


  • Large pouches hold 3 x 375ml cans (Everyone knows how big that is...)
  • Peg pouch will easily hold a handful of lightweight alloy pegs
  • Lightweight at only 160 grams
  • Manufactured by our fine friends at SORD, exclusively for LVG.