LVG - Scope DOPE

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Simple & effective.

This is something we have been using for a couple of years and never got around to making... We personally use it in conjunction with an Arm-Board for information heavy stages where you might need both ballistic data and tricky instructions.

Attach your pertinent rifle ballistic or match stage data directly to the optic main tube for quick reference.

'One wrap' Velcro allows the Scope DOPE to be mounted just about anywhere to suit... On your rifle optic, tripod leg, spotting scope etc.

Unlike 3D printed, bendy arm or rigid mounts, ours is webbing and Velcro based so if you slam the rifle into a barricade or brush past an object, it will simply fold flat temporarily before springing back.

Wraps around any scope tube up to 50mm in diameter approximately.

Pro tip: To keep your board clean and crisp, use low adhesive painters tape (not included) to write down your match / ballistic info and stick it to the board just prior to the stage kicking off.

Scope Dope Kit includes:

  • LVG Scope DOPE wrap
  • 1 x Stick on data board
  • Adjustable one-wrap Velcro for attachment
  • Velcro backed data board
  • Mounting method will not crack, snap or bend
  • Can be mounted left, top or right hand side
  • Weight: About nothing
  • Manufactured by our friends SORD.
  • One colour: Black Velcro with A-Tacs iX webbing.