LVG - Bag Fill

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Making your own bags?
Replacing existing fill for a different consistency, weight, texture?

You can buy the raw materials directly from us to tune and adjust your bags to suit...


How it is sold:
Allows you to add more fill or change out the fill in a bag you already own.

• Pellets - 1000gm. Weighed and sealed in a snap-lock bag.

• Powder - 1000gm. Weighed and sealed in a snap-lock bag.

• 5064 Pellets - 1 Liter. Measured by cubic volume into a sealed snap-lock bag.


Three Types:

• Plastic Poly Pellets - Our typical medium weight plastic poly pellet fill. 

• LVG Stealth Powder - Acts like sand, without the excessive weight. Comes standard in the LVG Aurora.

Spexlite 5064 Ultralight pellets - Designed to dramatically reduce weight while providing support. Perfect for Military / Law Enforcement and Hunters who can't afford to carry excessive additional weight on operations.


Quantity requirements (LVG POLY PELLETS):

Armageddon Gear

• Game Changer Standard size: 2kg approx.

• Game Changer Shmedium: 1.5kg approx
(Our match Shmedium has 1.25kg of LVG Stealth Powder onboard)

• Game Changer Pint Size: 1kg approx.


Warhorse Development

• Comanche: 2kg approx.

• Clede: 1.5kg approx.

• Taffy: 1kg approx.


Quantity requirements (SPEXLITE 5064 ULTRALIGHT PELLETS):

Armageddon Gear

• Game Changer Shmedium: 3 LITRES = 400gm approx.