Cole-Tac Back Bone ARCA

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The Backbone Bag Frame represents the next revolution in support bags. The patented design eliminates the need for straps that attach the support bag over the rifle or optic. The hard-coat anodized frame attaches to the rifle with an Area 419 ArcaLock mount. Four Velcro straps keep the bags securely in place, and the wide surface area of the frame prevents the bags from twisting and shifting.  

The beauty of the Backbone Bag System (BBS) is its adaptability and versatility. The frame can be used on any of our other BBS-compatible bags, offering you the best support for your shooting scenario. Once you remove the frame, the bag can be used just like any other standard bag as there is no sewn-in metal frame. This interchangeable design makes both the bags and frame extremely versatile. The Cole-Tac Cuddle Bag, Little Cuddle Bag, Trap Bag V2, Flat Bag, and Tricorne are all compatible and can be purchased separately.

Made in the USA with the Cole-Tac lifetime warranty.

– Backbone Frame
– Arca Mount