Armageddon Gear - Game Changer PLUS ONE

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Low Vis Gear is proud to announce that we are the first international distributor of Armageddon Gear & Reasor Precision Solutions out of the USA!

One inch wider and one inch taller than the traditional Shmedium Game Changer. This bag gives you that little bit more stability with it's wider stance and additional height when running rifles with long magazines on awkwardly shaped barricades.

The Plus One sits in between the Shmedium and the OG.

Constructed of waxed canvas with a webbing grab handle on each end, the Plus One is very much the Shmedium we all use and love, just a tad bigger!
SAND FILLED Plus One bags are capped at 5kg to meet Australia Posts maximum satchel weight to avoid excessive freight charges!
SAND filled, should be ordered as a stand alone item. Of course, we are able to ship them partially full or even empty if required.

  • Sand: 5,000gm approx
  • Pellets: 2,250gm approx
Dimensions: 230mm x 165mm x 125mm approx
Fabric: Durable Waxed Canvas and nylon webbing
Fill: Comes pre-filled with either pellets or sand however can be swapped out or adjusted via the roll up funnel.
Made in the USA
US Patents: 10,048,034 & 100,466,007