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Low Vis Gear is proud to announce that we are the first international distributor of Armageddon Gear & Reasor Precision Solutions out of the USA!

 At Low Vis Gear, we have a keen eye for high quality, a solid understanding of what is suitable for long range shooting / precision rifle competitions and always strive to deal only with other solid companies that employ excellent people who share similar values (Companies that don't stuff around, are NOT selling rubbish and staffed by people who appreciate their loyal customers). 

Naturally we were attracted to Armageddon Gear and Reasor Precision Solutions out of the United States. Both focus on long range precision shooting, both have their finger on the pulse and both are good, reputable, solid groups worth dealing with.

We are proud to have a growing relationship with both companies and look forward to expanding our product line with their gear this year and into the future.

 Our current offerings include BUT ARE DEFINITELY NOT LIMITED TO:


 Armageddon Gear / Reasor Precision Solutions 'Game Changer' barricade bag, a must for extremely awkward positional shooting. These hefty bags build a stable firing platform off almost anything!

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Armageddon Gear 'Fat Bag', use this light weight yet solid puff bag under your rifle, under an arm, tucked under a leg etc to help stabilize loose limbs and fill gaps. This makes a huge difference for positional and barricade shooting however is also suitable for spotlighting off vehicle roofs!

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Armageddon Gear 'Kestrel Pocket', protect your expensive, sensitive weather station with this padded, reinforced, zippered satchel! Don't be the guy who smashes their screen during a match or on a job. Simple, light weight = Worth its weight in GOLD!

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Armageddon Gear 'Precision Rifle Sling' with either QD swivels or AI Hooks fitted. These slings are sleek, simple, light weight but comfortable and extremely useful for building stable shooting positions with their adjustable captive arm cuff or by using the in-built bungee elastic to push and load the rifle.

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Please feel free to contact us if you are chasing anything in particular from Armageddon Gear or Reasor Precision Solutions and we will provide you with a quote. We have had a number of people contact us recently requesting items that are not listed on our website (just yet), these items are on order or have already been dispatched locally.

Our aim is to simply, GET GOOD GEAR IN THE HANDS OF GOOD PEOPLE. Let us help you out.





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