A-Tacs Camo, camouflage -


We have put in place our A-TACS FG action plan as an interim colour to bolster the digital goodness.

We have another roll of A-Tacs Intermediate eXtreme fabric on the way from the USA currently, we got caught out recently with a few solid orders with shooting mats that slammed our supplies catching us off guard *facepalm*... Sorry.

Being that we are making gear as orders come in at the moment, we have not decided if we will keep this as a mainstream colour so if you're a FG fan, NOW IS THE TIME!

We do have 1000 Denier A-Tacs iX fabric in stock, however the feel and nature of the bags change dramatically with the much heftier fabric... Hence why we stick to 500D for a mroe pliable shooting platform. If you wan't anything made in 1000D let us know by email and we'll sort it out.

Freight generally takes a couple of weeks, if you want to be put on a backorder list for anything simply get in touch and we will make it happen!



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