Tripod Wedge

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21/02/2024 - NEW ITEM!

Designed and 3D printed in NSW, Australia by PRS shooters. We are proud to offer it to you at LVG.

Everyone who has used a tripod as a rear support knows how quickly the world comes crashing down as the tripod begins closing up on you as you move!

This sturdy wedge nestles right up under the apex of your tripod head, holding each of the three legs out fully splayed.

The adjustable elastic cord holds the wedge securely in place, providing additional stability and rigidity as you move the tripod around.

Squeeze the most out of your setup with this precision crafted wedge from Wombat Ordnance.


  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Adjustable shock cord
  • Jaw diameter: 45mm at widest point
  • Available in Black
  • Made in Australia by PRS shooters