LVG - Roll Up Shooting Mat

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Light weight, simple, sleek and functional. The Low Vis Gear 'Roll Up Shooting Mat G2' rolls up small and will fit just about anywhere you can squeeze a 1L water bottle.

When deployed it offers a comfortable amount of working area for the shooter providing coverage from approximately the shoulders to mid-shin height for the 'average' sized (5'10" approx) person.

Closed cell 3mm foam sections in each elbow area provide additional protection from the hard earth and rocks below.

Perfect for day hunting, packing in and out without taking up a heap of room or adding too much weight.


  • Rectangular shape
  • Reinforced elbow areas with 3mm closed cell foam
  • Dimensions:
    - (OPEN) 145 cm tall x 72 cm wide approx
    - (ROLLED) 25 cm tall x 9 cm wide approx
  • Weight: 450 grams approx
  • Fabric: Single layer 500 Denier DWR nylon
  • Twin G-Hook compression strap closure
  • 550 paracord peg down tie out loops
  • Manufactured by our fine friends at SORD Australia

(Size comparison next to the SORD / LVG Enhanced Shooting Mat)

Note: Being a single 500D, non-insulated layer of woven fabric, the Roll Up Shooting Mat is designed to keep you out of the dirt and mud however offers little protection from heat transfer and prolonged exposure to soaked earth below.