LVG - Reconero

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30/11/2023: NEW ITEM, in stock now with  introductory pricing! 

Lightweight head & shoulder ghillie hood with a removable back drape designed for surveillance, reconnaissance, snipers & sneaky lads. Light, sleek, simple & comfortable.

Reconero provides a solid concealment base platform without being overwhelmingly bulky, hot or heavy.


  • Heavy Duty Mesh Base Layer: Rugged & allows the addition of individual camouflage fibers, poking them through the holes or using small cable ties. Large woven holes provide increased air flow over bug mesh and can be worn comfortably over a uniform

  • Asymetrical Attachment Loops: This system does away with the typical single colour, paracord grid in favour of a chaotic, asymmetric and unpredictable array of paracord mounting points that is less predictable and less obvious

  • Long Sleeves: Provide coverage beyond the elbow to reduce your visible signature, covering more of the fore-arm

  • Elbow Pads: Closed cell foam elbow pads with 500D Cordura skid panels for increased comfort when laying and crawling, a unique feature
    • Single Chest Strap: Limits snagging and takes up less room on the chest. Secured in place with a single steel G-Hook that will never break or snap

    • Removable Back Drape: Can be used as an OP screen, gear hide or simply taken off for jobs where running light is important. Rolls up tight when not in use. Attaches with plastic and metal snap gate hardware

    • Pack Compatible: The shoulder and under-arm areas have been shaped in a way that allows it work well with a pack

    • Spacious Hood: Can be tensioned from either side with captive cord locks. A centered Velcro hook panel inside the hood allows the wearer to connect the hood to an appropriately customised cap, to keep the hood in one position. Draw cord pulls peak rearward for better visibility if required

    • Cable routing over the shoulders: Channels in the hood on either side of the neck allow a hydration tube or comms cables from a pack / carrier / rig up into the hood.

  • Manufactured by SORD for LVG

  • Weight:
    - 480gm hood only
    - 220gm back drape
    - 700gm combined

  • Dimensions: One Size Fits Most, generous fit

  • Colour: A-TACS iX

  • Sold as a complete kit. Hood, back drape & connectors.