Armageddon Gear - Hot Pocket 10"

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25/01/2023 - NEW ITEM!

Low Vis Gear is proud to announce that we are the Australian distributor of Armageddon Gear out of the USA!

It can be painful, waiting for a hot suppressor to cool down.

The Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket provides a place to put your hot suppressor to prevent damage to your range bag or gun case.

Lined with a cutting-edge thermal-control material, the 'Hot Pocket' ensures that your hot suppressor won't melt your rifle case, range bag, or the seat covers in your truck. You can even use the Hot Pocket to provide a measure of protection while you remove your suppressor.

10" model fits suppressors up to 10.5" in length.

Small zippered pouch, perfect for storing a cope of current your suppressor permit.

As always, the Hot Pocket is proudly made in the USA of Milspec materials and features the Armageddon Gear Lifetime Warranty.