LVG - Competition Rifle Cover

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Protect your scope lens', trigger pack, action etc. while your rifle sits in the 'gun box' all day at matches with the LVG 'CRC'.

Designed to cover CHASSIS PRS style rifles with 24-27" braked barrels, TALL turret scopes, bipods, open bolts etc.

It is lightweight, folds / rolls up easily, helps protect critical mechanical components from dust and rain all while being affordable.

It is basically a single layer fabric tent that sits over the complete rifle.

We know first hand how these conditions adversely impact our rifles ability to function. Magazines start playing up, triggers break down, scopes become difficult to see through, water messes with ammunition in the chamber etc... This is a simple fix!


  • 500 Denier Cordura fabric with DWR and PolyUrethene backing.
  • 1” webbing pull tab loops on the butt end for easy removal.
  • Velcro square area for personalised patches to help ID your own rifle on the line.
  • Velcro strip helps close up the bottom mid area for increased rain splash protection.
  • Access to the scope and chamber / bolt as required!
  • Made for us by the fine people at SORD.

The TAN demo rifle pictured is an Accuracy International AXMC (338 Lap Mag) with a 27" barrel and the 'tactical' threaded muzzle brake. The overall length is approx 125cm! It has a NF BEAST in a Spuhr mount so it is a BIG, TALL, LONG rifle... The CRC fits without issue.