What type of rear bag suits my shooting style?

What type of rear bag suits my shooting style?

Our aim is to provide shooters, hunters, competitors and armed professionals quality rear bags and rests that afford additional support for rifles & optics giving you the best possible chance of success in the field, at the range, at work or when competing.

There are of course many styles, types and disciplines of shooting that can easily benefit from the use of a 'rear' or 'barricade' style bag. This is a quick run down of our products lineup and where they fit in.


LARGE: Currently, our largest rear bags are the rectangular MK1XL and cylindrical MK3 Can Bag that both weigh approximately 660 grams each, they are best suited to heavy precision rifles either at the range or in the field with the use of a day bag to transport them along with other items when not in use. They will fit in a generic large cargo pants pocket however are best suited to more static activities. They provide the most support with minimal user input due to their large internal capacity. Both bags have the single strap to put your non-master hand through in order to tweak height / elevation.

(Pictured: MK3 'Can Bag' in Multicam.)

MEDIUM: Mid range rear bags include the extremely popular MK1 Rear Bag and the MK1 Blend Bag, both bags are the same dimensions and weight with similar features however different colour options. The MK1 line is the mainstay rear bag of Low Vis Gear, our original bag that kicked things off. These bags weigh approximately 400 grams and will fit in a small accessories pouch on a chest rig, in a pants cargo pocket etc. This could be our most practical field rifle bag as it is light, sleek and capable. Twin straps, one to capture the bipod legs when in the 'up' position and the longer strap for use over the barrel / stock on most rifles.

(Pictured: MK1 'Blend Bag' in Kryptek / Multicam mix.)

SMALL: The next step down in size leads us to the MK2 Rear Bag, another of our original series rear bags this time in a square shape for consistent side loads regardless of orientation. The MK2 is an excellent 'bolster' bag to add height when required to other bags or over a barricade / log / car etc in the hills. This will also fit easily in a pants cargo pocket, accessories pouch on a chest rig etc. Approximate weight 370 grams, well suited to field firing, hunting, range work etc.

(Pictured: MK2 Rear Bag in Kryptek Highlander.)

MICRO: Finally, for the ultra light weight, minimalistic, ounce counting field hunter who needs only the essentials our MK5 Dim Sim micro barricade bag. This is the smallest, lightest and most discreet bag we make and possibly available on the market today! 87 grams of barricade front rest goodness. Stop resting your rifle stock on a rock or the back of your hand! Slip the MK5 Dim Sim up front and focus on the fundamentals! Best suited for when hunting in the mountains, carrying everything you need to not only hunt but survive. 

(Pictured: MK1XL vs MK5 'Dim Sim' Micro Barricade Bag in A-Tacs iX.)

We hope this gives you an insight into some of our great gear and where they shine brightest. If you have any further questions please contact us and we will point you in the right direction!

All our products are made to order with love in South Eastern Victoria. We are hunters, competition shooters, passionate about gear and want to get good kit in the hands of good people.



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