Printable Targets

Printable Targets

Good afternoon mates,

Here are two printable targets that might help you on your quest for practical long range precision.

Click the links below, save as .PDF, open, adjust printer settings to 'scale'.

This is intended to be used as a 100 meter 'Optimal Charge Weight' hand loading development sheet. In the bottom right corner is a Cold Bore / Zero confirmation area and then 4 individual target areas above for firing your varying groups as required, recording ammunition reloading data and other relevant info as you go. Grid squares are 1cm x 1cm when printed TO SCALE on A4 paper (not 'to fit').

Note: "Chrono Y N" refers to whether or not you had a barrel mounted chronograph fitted that may influence a POI / POA shift.

Click HERE to download the hand load seating depth & charge weight sheet.


The second sheet is a generic 'long range' grouping sheet, for whatever distance you feel necessary. With the same 1cm x 1cm square format and space to record a heap of information at the bottom to store in your log book.

Again, to ensure the sizes are accurate, print 'ACTUAL SIZE' on A4 paper.

Click HERE to download the 'long range grouping' sheet.



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