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Field Clothing

We get asked constantly - "Where do you get the shirt and pants you use in your photos?"

Quick answer: UR-Tactical / OPS Gear

Longer answer: With a bit of a background in the ADF infantry, I appreciate tough clothing with practical pockets and good patterns, relevant to the area. For the last 2 years nearly, I have been using nearly exclusively clothing from UR-Tactical / OPS Gear. Their head office is in Hong Kong, they manufacture great clothing and a mountain of relevant gear with USA imported fabrics.

BOONIE: Very big on bush hats... The "OPS TACTICAL BOONIE HAT" (click link in the title) is extremely comfortable, very well made and is a generally aesthetically pleasing, practical hat with a good width brim that is rigid enough to keep some form of shape but does not interfere with optics. This is probably my all time favorite bush hat, no joke. They make a TONNE of different colours so you can get just about anything you're after. Overall, excellent hat.

SHIRT: The 'combat' style shirt with sleeves. "OPS GEN 2 Improved Direct Action shirt" (click link in the title). This shirt is very comfortable, especially in warm weather. The colour matched chest torso area is soft to the tough and breathes pretty well, good length front zip and reinforced elbows. I don't use forearm pockets ever and don't really use the bicep pockets either but they are there. Interfaces perfectly with a pack on, the T shirt type fabric is great, extremely happy with their choice. Good length sleeves, provide good hand coverage and a comfortable collar that doesn't bunch up. Overall, the shirt is very good. The pockets in the forearms could go (for me personally) but the shirt is excellent.

PANTS: "O.P.S/UR-TACTICAL STEALTH WARRIOR PANTS" (click link in the title). These pants are non-external knee pad style bush pants. They have a tonne of pockets and are a good comfortable fit. Have given them a hammering over the last couple of years, the fabric has held up exceptionally well and has not faded. The thigh pockets have a zippered sleeve pocket behind the separate Velcro flap pocket, this adds some extra bulk but there is a lot of functionality there especially if noise is an issue (work or hunting etc.). Elasticized waist provides additional comfort. Overall, the pants are very good. The zippered thigh pockets add a lot of extra bulk but do serve a purpose, also I NEVER use rear seat pockets but that's just another personal thing... No big deal, very good pants.

We recently received a button up field type shirt (OPS Integrated Battle Shirt 2.0), 'combat' knee pad style pants (O.P.S Advanced Fast Response Pants), wind jacket / pants (O.P.S LIGHTWEIGHT TACTICAL WIND JACKET) and pack cover from the good people at UR Tactical, looking forward to getting them out into the hills ASAP.

It may have become apparent that we are a brand partner with A-TACS camo and therefore try to run true with our selection of field gear... The Intermediate eXtreme camo pattern above is outstanding in this region. However, their new AU-X and FG-X are now coming online with some excellent gear offerings!!! Worth keeping an eye on!

When we hit the hills with the new gear, we will get back to you....


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