Vortex - IMPACT 4000 WMLRF

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29/01/2024 - IN STOCK NOW!

This is a piece of equipment we can absolutely see the value in for medium to long range hunters, professional pest controllers, NRL style field matches & training in the hills with field targets setup all over the place.

We will be bolting one onto one of our primary field rifle AS SOON AS they arrive.

Having a rifle mounted laser range finder, allows the shooter to stay on the rifle. Once the laser is setup and configured, simply aim and lase the target, a ballistic solution will be displayed on the screen facing the shooter. Apply this correction, fire and adjust as required. This is an ENORMOUS step forward in efficiency compared to what most go through when finding, calculating and eventually engaging a target.

The reviews coming out of the USA are extremely positive regarding this consumer focused, affordable, practical laser / ballistic solver... In reality, gear in this realm is generally worth north of $10,000 per unit, offering a night fighting capability that most are unable to utilise.

The Impact4000 should be an outstanding piece of gear, we are excited to offer this to you.

You will need a section of picatinny rail co-aligned with your optic in order to properly mount and utilise this laser, sold separately, from elsewhere.

"Shoot farther, faster, and more precise. For long-range competitors and open-country hunters, the Impact® 4000 is the all-in-one range and ballistic problem solver that delivers point-and-shoot solutions without coming off the gun. This advanced, rail-mounted laser rangefinder provides you with range, ballistic, and weather data via the integrated GeoBallistics® solver, on-board Environmental Sensors, and our patented Wind Bearing Capture Mode. Intuitive to use. Rugged and reliable. It solidly mounts to any picatinny-style rail or rings with a diving board mount. Best of all, it functions in places your smartphone can’t for deadly speed and precision no matter where you are. The Impact® 4000 takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting with quick, accurate ballistic corrections. Everything you need to generate point-and-shoot target solutions without ever coming off the gun. Mounts to any picatinny-style rail or rings with a diving board mount


Easy to read display of wind/drop solutions from the shooting position.

Integrated GeoBallistics® Solver backed by a full, up-to-date bullet library.

Ten, preloaded, customizable profiles.

On-Board compass, humidity, barometric pressure, and exposed temperature sensors.

Connects to the GeoBallistics® App and Bluetooth® Remote.

Range Reflective (yards) Up to 4000
Range Tree (yards) Up to 2500
Range Deer (yards) Up to 1500
Min Range 5 meters
Accuracy 50cm @ 100 meters
Length 11.7cm
Height 6.4cm
Width 8.1cm
Weight 453 grams