LVG - Tripod Shooting Sling

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NEW FOR 2020!

The Low Vis Gear Tripod Shooting Sling is an uncomplicated yet highly adjustable sling designed for loading the rifle and your position by using body weight forces to assist in stabilising the rifle. Features focused around practical tripod shooting.

Designed for use with precision rifles stocks and chassis system featuring QD swivels ONLY (Based off the number of slings we have sold, AI hooks and standard swivels amount to approx 10%).

(PLASTIC - ITW NEXUS, hardware option pictured above)

- Steel ITW triglide for additional strength (USA made)
- Heavy duty, recessed push button GrovTec 1.5" sling swivels (USA made)
- ITW Nexus 38mm Fastex buckles (plastic sling option) (USA made)
- High quality, smooth 38mm webbing in A-Tacs IX (USA made)
- 3mm closed cell foam padded shoulder section for additional comfort without bulk
- Twin elastic loop keepers helps keep straps in place
- Passive carabiner load loop, minimal bulk, can be used with any full size crab
- Highly adjustable centre buckle for ease of use when sling is positioned at the tripod junction
- Plastic hardware NOT stitched in, can be field replaced or upgraded to Cobra Buckle hardware down the track!
- Buckle sits in a 'quick detach' area when properly adjusted, exit the tripod easily
- Practical and light (approx weight 195 grams for plastic hardware option)
- Currently available in A-TACS IX only!
- Comes WITH a free plastic Carabiner... Ready to go.
- Made by LVG in Melbourne, Australia.

(METAL - Cobra Buckle, hardware option pictured above - COMING JAN 2020, Still waiting on hardware!)

We will release a video demonstrating the various methods that work well with our sling in 2020.