LVG - Mountain Bino Harness

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MORE ON THE WAY! A-Tacs IX and Coyote Brown.

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NEW FOR Q3 2020! We are very proud to release the 'LVG MBH'.

Finally, after close to 2 years of development, evolution and testing... Our lightweight, extremely comfortable and rugged 'MOUNTAIN BINOCULAR HARNESS' is ready to hit the hills.


Having used and owned numerous bino harnesses in the past, they were all pretty good in their own way but had at least a couple of downsides, sometimes major design problems that were a cause of constant frustration... Fortunately LVG is in a position to create what we think is a practical, hard working, adaptable option.

Our Mountain Bino Harness 'MBH' is built tough with 500 Denier Cordura, the main compartment and lid is lined with closed cell foam for protection, the lid is held shut with magnets for quiet security. Two elasticised mesh side pouches are perfect for a wind checker / fox call / lens cloth, small folding knife etc., the rear mesh sleeve will hold a DOPE card or even a reasonable sized mobile phone for quick access and a sneaky selfie on the side of a hill. We added a sleek, slimline front zippered pouch for a car key or licence. There is a single molle column running the width of the main compartment underside along with HD mesh side wings that are two MOLLE colmuns wide, being mesh they provide an increase in airflow on hot days while also providing ACTUAL MOLLE for the correct and proper attachment of any compatible pouches... This is a major step forward compared to the vast majority of other options available on the market.

The sleek, simple, lid has two magnets as the closure system, I understand very well this is a point of contention with some. Magnets may mess with some electronic devices but they are quiet and work well. This is a decision you need to make whether or not it is what you want. If you have a pacemaker, this may cause problems? Consult your Cardiologist prior to use (seriously).

What we have found is however that elasticised lids, adjustable lids, slip over lids etc are awkward at times and can result in you simply lifting the whole harness up instead of opening the top. Especially with grippy felt fabric inside. Makes sense, in execution we haven't had a good experience unfortunately. The LVG MBH is a bucket with a lid, lift the lid, tuck it in if you like, pull the bino's out, look around then slip them back in and gently clip the lid shut... No straps, no buckles to try and close one handed, no cords hanging out the bottom etc.

When you have carefully stalked your way in close or are sitting back, constantly using your glass, simply the tuck the flap back behind the main compartment where it will stow against your chest for unobstructed, easy in and out access.

The LVG MBH will help you carry the essentials and keep the rest in your day pack... Depending on attachments, you can easily carry a size compatible pair of bino's, pocket size LRF / UHF / GPS, Kestrel / pocket knife, lens cloth, wind check, DOPE card, shooters licence, car key all in one place up on your chest where you have constant access.

There is a single MOLLE column across the bottom of the main compartment for the attachment of a knife / multi tool / single row pouch if required. (Bear spray for USA customers).

All fabric, webbing, mesh and binding has been colour matched in the ever glorious A-Tacs IX camouflage pattern of course. A great looking pattern than works extremely well in a wide range of environments.


  • Main compartment internal dimensions:
    160mm 135mm 70mm
    6.3" 5.3" 2.75"
  • Designed for the Vortex FURY HD 5000 (5.75" tall x 5" wide x 2.75" approx.)
  • Mesh back panel, single layer, works extremely well underneath a pack
  • Contoured back and shoulder harness, very comfortable for extended periods
  • MOLLE attachment wings allow proper addition of any compatible pouches
  • Side HD mesh sleeves for small items (wind check / folder / call etc.)
  • Twin magnet main compartment lid for quiet operation, no buckle clicks
  • Rear panel mesh pocket for phone / DOPE card etc.
  • Lid can be tucked back against the chest for unobstructed access
  • Lanyard loop HOLES on chest strap buckles if required (Nite Ize MicroLock work perfectly)
  • Designed for years of hard use
  • Single MOLLE column running along the bottom of the main compartment
  • Extremely adjustable for thick puff jackets in winter and tshirts in summer
  • Quick access side release buckles
  • Front zippered key or shooters / deer hunting licence pocket
  • Designed by someone who hates cutting corners & having half cooked products
  • Colour matched, extreme quality, USA hardware and fabrics
  • Made by our fine friends at SORD Australia.
  • COYOTE BROWN will become available, ETA a couple of months.

*** Pictured with a SORD Kestrel Pouch and an AICS 10RD Single magazine pouch fitted. Not included ***