BARGAIN - Sunwayfoto DYH-66i Tripod Levelling Head

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I have ONE of these. Has been painted superficially with Tamiya model paint that will come off with acetone. Was a really good tripod head but went over to a RRS clamp for a heavier rifle. I had the Hog Saddle mounted up top, good practical combo!

Very functional and practical but I don't use it anymore. Good condition.

They retail for $129

"SUNWAYFOTO DYH-66i Leveling Base adopt CNC cutting machine from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistant. Come with 66mm diameter platform, sturdy construction, up to 10kg max load capacity and super smooth fluid of adjust movement to +/-16 degree.  It is ideal for small/medium format camera."

  • Build-in bubble level
  • Three screws on the top base for stability.
  • Two UNC1/4” mounting thread for mounting the 64mm discal clamp.
  • Weighs only 295g
As a reference:
This is a personally owned and used item. I have been around long enough now for you to hopefully trust me and the fact that if this was rubbish, it wouldn't be for sale here... With that however, being 'second hand' and the rest, there is NO warranty from myself or LVG on any of these items (Factory warranty may still exist, dependent on the product of course however that is between YOU and THEM). The pictures were taken today (15/10/2019) and the items are no longer being used, ready for sale. If you have any queries or would like more photos please just ask. Sales of Bargain Hut items are final, only because I don't have time to mess around on top of trying to take over the world... Thanks! J