BARGAIN - Kifaru Pointman

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ONLY ONE of these. NO LONGER MADE and now extremely difficult to get. An excellent pack, legendary really in the scheme of things. Selling this on behalf of one of my best mates. I have always been jealous of this pack... Now it can be yours. Might actually never see one for sale again.

It comes with a stack of SORD pouches that are in the photos (obviously):
- 2 x Utility Hydration Covers (2L bladder pouches)
- 1 x Horizontal Gas Mask Pouch
- 1 x Multi tool Pouch
- 1 x Lap Lander Folding Saw Pouch 

The pouches alone would retail for over $200 probably....

"The Pointman is designed as a midsized, top-loading (with bottom access), 3 day/patrol pack with a capacity of 3000 ci. Like all of the Kifaru military packs, it is covered in PALS webbing. The Pointman holds more than the Marauder for a more streamlined profile. It also has a more sophisticated, fully-adjustable suspension system. All the Kifaru accessories that fit on the Marauder (or any other Kifaru ruck) will attach to it."

As a reference, similar strap kit:
ALSO! The manual:
This is an item personally owned and used by one of my best friends. I have been around long enough now for you to hopefully trust me and the fact that if this was rubbish, it wouldn't be for sale here... With that however, being 'second hand' and the rest, there is NO warranty from myself or LVG on any of these items (Factory warranty may still exist, dependent on the product of course however that is between YOU and THEM). The pictures were taken today (15/10/2019) and the items are no longer being used, ready for sale. If you have any queries or would like more photos please just ask. Sales of Bargain Hut items are final, only because I don't have time to mess around on top of trying to take over the world... Thanks! J