Triad Tactical - Padded Scope & Muzzle Cover

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Protect your EXPENSIVE optics with the extremely rugged Triad Padded Scope & Muzzle Cover.

Perfect not only for transport, but also keeping things covered whilst in storage!

The Padded Scope Muzzle Cover (PSMC) Is made of 1000D Cordura material and the padding is 3/8" close cell foam.

Size reference (as pictured).
Top: Nightforce BEAST 5-25 optic covered with the 22" PSMC, with room for an ARD.
Bottom: Nightforce NX8 4-32 optic covered with the 18" PSMC.

18" long, 5" tall - will fit objective lenses up to 56mm
22" long, 5" tall - will fit objective lenses up to 56mm
Muzzle cover is 8.5" long, will cover diameter up to 1.5"

The webbing attachment for the muzzle cover extends out to 21" from the front of the scope cover. This should allow it to accommodate barrels up to 32-34".

The webbing that covers the ends of the scope can be secured to the inside of the cover so that the scope can be used with the cover in place. The webbing is attached to the scope cover a little further down than some of our competitors covers. This allows the PSMC to better fit over a large objective lens.

A sturdy webbing carry handle is attached at the top of the PSMC for those that like a rifle that carries like a briefcase.

There is MOLLE style webbing secured down both sides of the cover. This allows you to move the attachment straps fore and aft so you can tailor the fit of the PSMC to your rifle. This feature works great with magazine fed bolt guns or semi auto rifles.

This is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.