LVG - Recce Mat

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Please note: This item is made to order. Please contact LVG to discuss lead times and availability.

The Low Vis Gear Recce Mat was built specifically for sitting behind a spotting scope, in an OP, for sitting on during a quick halt, bushcrafting, camping, working under your truck or it can be used as an absolutely bare bones minimum size hip sleeping pad (if you're one of 'those' people).

Fairly large working area for sitting, kneeling, working etc.

The segmented closed cell 6mm foam sections provide padded protection from the hard earth and rocks below.

Never spend hours sitting in the mud while spotting again! 



  • Rectangular shape
  • Quad fold design
  • 6mm closed cell foam
  • Dimensions:
    - (OPEN) 30cm tall x 40cm wide approx
    - (FOLDED) 40cm tall x 11cm wide approx
  • Weight: 180 grams approx
  • Fabric: Single layer 1000D (Khaki), 500D (ATACS IX & FG) nylon.
  • Simple elastic compression strap closure.

Please note that being a small business, any Low Vis Gear items ordered online that are not currently in stock will be made to order and sent out as soon as possible. Thank you!