Platatac / LVG - AI Mag Pouch

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17/04/2021: NEW PRODUCT!
Made in conjunction with our fine friends at PLATATAC. Extremely SLEEK, simple, clean and practical. Smooth surface for crawling, large Velcro contact area for security. Slightly oversized for easy loading. Available in A-Tacs iX and Coyote Brown.

These extremely well made MOLLE magazine pouches are made to fit the Accuracy International AX and AXMC short and long action, double stack, steel, 10 round magazines.

Perfect for our LVG CTR Belt, AXSA will fit on the LVG Mountain Binocular Harness.

  • AX (Short Action) pouch is 2 MOLLE columns wide. Suitable for both AW and AX short action mags with the locking lip.
  • AXMC (Long Action) pouch is 3 MOLLE columns wide. Suitable for 300WM and 338LM sized magazines.