LVG / Platatac - Tripod Bag

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Working with our friends at Platatac, we have created this sleek, padded, wide open access protective pouch for your expensive precision shooting tripod.

The cylindrical design provides ample space for narrow junction tripods often found in use today for precision shooting, hunting & spotting.

Customer question: Will it fit my xxxx tripod???"
Answer: Possibly? Measure your tripod & compare with the below dimensions.

As a reference: The LVG / Platatac Tripod Bag was designed to fit the RRS SOAR TFCT33 MK2 Tripod with Anvil30 ball head, SORD/LVG Tripod Leg Covers and Armageddon Gear Tripod Sling... The overall length of the above tripod collapsed is 720mm, the circumference around the widest part of the feet is 370mm. This tripod fits perfectly with a bit of room to move around the feet.

The bag also easily fits the Mission Critical Designs PRST Elite tripod with Leofoto LH55 ball head.


  • Single, full length zip for easy and complete access
  • Thin foam padded for additional protection
  • Twin carry handles
  • Sleek, simple, clean design with zero unnecessary features
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Internal dimensions
    Length: 730mm
    Diameter: 130mm
    Circumference: 440mm approx.

  • A-Tacs iX & Coyote Brown