Armageddon Gear - Lightweight Headband Wrap

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Armageddon Gear's Lightweight Headband Wrap is a super-simple and no BS piece of kit that's designed to do several things for you. Just about every earmuff on the market has a headband made of black plastic or rubber.

Summer sun heats this headband up to brain-burning temperatures. The Lightweight Headband Wrap provides layers of protection to significantly reduce this temperature and heat transfer to your sensitive noggin. Thoughtful material selection and smart design keep the Lightweight Headband Wrap trim and add little thickness to your muffs to ensure ease of use and comfort when worn under a modern combat helmet.

Armageddon Gear uses only high-quality US-made materials and every piece is designed to withstand hard use. Like everything Armageddon Gear makes, the Lightweight Headband Wrap is proudly made in the USA.