SORD / LVG - MFF Rig Mesh

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We linked up with SORD to modernise the original MFF rig, to bring weight down and increase comfort. Now, it is the perfect size for a spare magazine, LRF / Kestrel, pocket knife and phone... 

 A variant of the popular Military Free Fall (MFF) Rig, the MFF Mesh was adjusted with a focus on simplicity, reduced weight & breathability. 

An ideal option for Lead Climbers, Military Free Fall parachutists, CTR, vehicle operators or as a hunting or range rig where a cluttered chest or belt order isn't always suitable or required.

Paired with the LVG low profile mesh back panel used on the Mountain Binocular Harness, this ultra slimline design remains comfortable under packs or slings. 

Small enough to cover just the upper chest of the user but big enough to hold supplement equipment.

Adjustable shoulder straps and a single adjustable waist strap allow the MFF to be worn over bulky clothing and armour.


Available in A-TACS IX ONLY!