LVG - Raider

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Designed for professional soldiers & law enforcement however is also perfect for PRS movement heavy stages & lightweight hunting... Where the rifle goes, the Raider goes, providing advanced mechanical support.

Every other rear bag you own just became inefficient & unnecessary...

The RAIDER is an excellent one bag option for the weight conscious, aggressively competitive and highly capable precision rifle shooter.

With the Raider attached directly to your rifle, having to stage & prepare or accidentally leaving kit behind is now a non-event. With the Raider tethered directly to the chassis, you now have one less thing to worry about.

The most prominent feature of the Raider bag are the top 'ears' that provide mechanical support and increased stability simply by placing the weight of the stock on top when sitting vertically in a traditional prone firing position. As the chassis pushes down, the ears apply gentle inward pressure.

Adjustable & stowable QD sling strap allows the Raider to be attached directly to the stock or chassis allowing aggressive run & gun movement… Where the rifle goes, the Raider will be ready to deploy.

Single webbing strap for additional grip with your support hand or for attaching the bag to your pack with a carabiner.


  • 500 Denier Cordura Nylon
  • Adjustable length tether strap
  • Removable Grovtec QD sling swivel
  • Elastic loop allows tether strap to be stowed when not in use
  • 'Ears' clamp stock when top down weight is applied
  • Fold away fill funnel allows user level adjustment of fill
  • Ultralight when filled with Spexlite 5064 / 5125
  • Fits in a cargo pocket or day pack without issue
  • A-Tacs iX
  • Manufactured by SORD to their extremely rugged standards.


Weight (with QD attached):

  • Empty: 70 grams
  • Spexlite: 200 grams approx
  • Standard Pellets: 600 grams approx