Warhorse Development - Butcher Boy MK2

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Low Vis Gear is proud to be the Australian distributor of Warhorse Development out of Montana in the USA!

The Butcher Boy MK2 is designed for the gunfighter, the hunter, the 3 gunner, the precision rifle enthusiast.  It is designed for riflemen.

"Butcher Boy MK2 is a new thought on an old design to stabilize your rifle in alternate positions.  It has a zipper enclosure and fill / retention funnel.  Hard mounted QD swivels that lock right into the QD bases on your weapon platform and a retention strap with base to go over your barrel or clip into your butt stock.  It works great as a rear bag and keeps up with family tradition as a field bag.

The Butcher Boy's four legs are a bit shorter than it's predecessors but it still maintains the ability to sprawl and hug whatever barricade or obstacle riflemen find in shooting from unconventional situations and settings.  It is slightly oblong, as well, to give the rifle the longest bearing surface possible. The ability to hook directly into the QD bases on the weapon allows for the largest ease of maneuverability when firing from alternate locations, where speed of movement is key."

To really benefit from the FULLY CONNECTED feature of the Butcher Boy MK2, you will also need to purchase 2 x MLOK or 2 x KEYMOD QD Adapters for your chassis (if you do not have this hardware already fitted or built in). The two QD adapters will allow the front end of the Butcher Boy MK2 to fully connect to the rifle making the whole setup rock solid!

Click HERE to purchase the required sling specific QD Adapters.

These bags come pre-filled, ready to go with the standard LVG poly pellets.



- 1000 Denier Cordura fabric
- Adjustable top strap attaches the bag to your rifle
- Colour matched webbing
- Adjustable fill access point (add or remove as required)
- 2 handles for rapid movement
- Grip fabric across top
- Weight: Approximately 1800gm
- Grip fabric in the lower leg junction for additional traction
- Practical, agile and glorious!