LVG - CTR Belt

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Version 2 will be released in a couple of 2 months, snap up a bargain!

Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) belt, for carrying the basics to get in close, with a minimal visible profile and get the job done... Light, Sleek, Modular, Practical.

This belt was specifically designed to keep weight to a minimum, bulk down and have necessity equipment only at hand.

Perfect for light weight tasks:
- Competition (spare mags, kestrel, possibly LRF)
- Hunting use (spare ammo, LRF, binos, kestrel possibly, knife)
- Recon (spare primary mag, smoke, small E&E pouch, binos / small optics, accessories)

  • Attach any MOLLE pouches.
  • EXPANDS UP TO 55" approx (this is NOT an optimal size for MOLLE coverage).
  • CONTRACTS DOWN TO 30" approx.
  • Best suited to 30-40" waists approx. in terms of MOLLE coverage and pouch access.
  • Designed to not interfere with your thighs in awkward shooting positions.
  • Slim foam padded.
  • Single 25mm adjustable strap and faster buckle at front.
  • Designed for light weight loads, sub 5kg.
  • This belt was NOT designed to be used with thigh holsters.