Triad Tactical - Convertible Magazine Pouch

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Low Vis Gear is proud to announce that we are the first international distributor of Triad Tactical out of the USA!

Triad Convertible Magazine Pouch (CMP), Long Action or Short Action.
Doing more with less, that's why Triad Tactical made the Convertible Magazine Pouch. The CMP is a pouch that can be converted from Open Top/Bungee retention to a traditional Velcro flap in less than a minute. The CMP for Short Actions, has an internal adjustment hanger that will allow the user to change the height at which any magazine is presented.
The CMP-SA can be used with the bungee retention/open top, or Velcro flap retention, for any double stack short action magazine from 2 7/8" tall (5rnd AI) up to 6" tall (20 rnd M1A/M14/SR25/P-MAG). We've tried all of these:
-5rnd Short Action AI Chassis Mags
-10rnd Short Action AI Chassis Mags
-10rnd Short Action Polymer 223 AI Chassis Mags
-10rnd Type 4 Alpha Mags -20rnd 5.56 Mags
-10rnd SAKO -Type 1, 2, 3 or 4 Alpha Mags
-10rnd Short Action AIAW Mags
-20rnd FAL/SR25/M1A/P-Mag
The CMP-LA(Long Action) does not include a internal adjustment hanger. They are sized to hold the 5 round AI magazines for 338LM. 338CIP and 300WM, with either bungee or Velcro flap retention. The AI 10 round 300WM magazines my be used as well, but only with bungee retention.
Because the CMP is MOLLE based, the pouches may be "double stacked", allowing the user to attach one pouch to the face of another. This feature was normally reserved for open top style pouches, but not any longer. The CMP can be stacked, and converted to where the adjustable flap on the back pouch, can cover BOTH of the stacked magazines(with some size limitations). This allows the user to have a CMP for almost any size short action magazine, and convert from single pouch, to double pouch(stacked), open top or flap on either. The CMP-SA can be stacked and the flap will cover two magazines up to 5" tall (10rnd AICS), bungee retention only on 20rnd 308 mags. The CMP-LA can be stacked and the flap will cover two 5 round magazines, bungee retention only on 10 round 300WM/338 mags.
Each CMP comes with: Pouch body Adjustable Flap Shock cord/Bungee strap, cord lock, and pull tab Two short MALICE Clips The CMP's are made of durable Cordura for a long life under field conditions. The pouches can also be attached to older style ALICE gear or be used on a belt.
These pouches are a proprietary product of Triad Tactical and are made in the USA.