MYMAG - Kydex Kestrel Pouch

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Low Vis Gear is proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor of these excellent products in the ever glorious A-Tacs IX pattern!

Do you need ultimate protection while retaining quick access? Don't fumble around trying to unzip a pouch, or open a clip, simply give a quick tug and you are using your device a second later. This is handy for use when you're next in line at a PRS shoot or club match... Quickly pull our your Kestrel, confirm your wind hold and put it away securely, effortlessly.

The MOLLE variant interfaces perfectly with our LVG CTR BELT (CLICK HERE!) as seen below at the 2019 PRS Finale.

For use with the 5700 series or similar sized Kestrel wind meter, features a 'MRD' (Magazine Retention Device) which is adjustable for the desired amount of retention on the device. A 1/8" Allen wrench in needed to adjust the set screw allowing for incremental adjustments of the MRD.

Made in New South Wales, Australia.