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Precision Rifle Solutions!

We are proud to announce that Low Vis Gear is now THE Australian distributor for Precision Rifle Solutions out of Texas in the USA. We have been using their Medium Slik tripod with SSP-1 (narrow) and SSP-2 (wide) cradles since we first heard about them in 2009, with excellent results. Wherever my field rifle goes, the Medium Slik with SSP-1 cradle isn't far off! Perfect for shooting up and down steep hills, in long grass, over fences, from behind cover etc... We trust this fine gear and are happy to recommend it to our customers and friends alike.

These carefully crafted cradles are an as-is top end for any tripod that has mounting plates to suit 1/4"x20 threads. Light weight aluminum cradle with a fixed high density foam liner topped off with a 1000 Denier nylon outer shell for longevity.

Being that these are a non-adjustable cradle system, the weight of the rifle is supported by the tripod as the firer builds a stable, solid firing position. Changing positions and transitioning between targets is simple, quick and unobstructed without the need to adjust tensions, reach forwards etc unlike other methods.

If you require further tension on the system, one method is to simply unhook the rear end of the sling, wrap the loose tail around the tripod leg on the support side and twist with your support hand to add pressure downwards from the front end. To release, simply loosen the grip and let the sling slack off. (AS SEEN ABOVE).

 We are offering the narrow SSP-1 cradle heads (pictured above), suitable for AI and other similar width rifle front ends along with the wider SSP-2 cradle head suitable for most other larger front end rifles such as McMillan / Manners etc.
Also available is the PRS Quick Release Plate suitable for use with Slik Medium and Large tripods, these anodized aluminum plates are fixed with a 5/32" allen key for a rock solid interface between the cradle and the tripod head.

Finally, the PRS Centre Column Loop is available, replace the centre plastic cap from your Slik Medium or Large tripod with this black anodized alumninium alternative allowing the hanging of additional weight to help stabilize the tripod in high winds.

Visit their website: Precision Rifle Solutions -

We are in the process of procuring Slik tripods for these cradles and accessories, watch this space for more information and products. We didn't want to hold onto these, they're READY to go now with your existing tripod... Don't muck around!

If you are chasing any Precision Rifle Solutions equipment, please get in touch with us and we will get it sorted. This excellent, high quality gear is made by excellent people with high standards, ex-service members trying to get good gear in the hands of good people.
We look forward to building this relationship and doing good things here in Australia also!



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  • Craig S

    I have been using this exact tripod setup myself for years. They are light weight and easy to pack on those long hunting trips through the hills. Being able to get a stable firing platform over long grass etc gives you confidence of making that first round kill shot to humanely dispatch your game animal. I definitely recommend this setup.

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