PRE-ORDER RELEASE! Armageddon Gear (LVG SPEC) Game Changer!

PRE-ORDER RELEASE! Armageddon Gear (LVG SPEC) Game Changer!

The LVG Skunkworks Division paired up with our great mates at Armageddon Gear to add in some special features, tailored specifically for our preferred style of Field Firing and hunting.

Modeled off the highly popular Waxed Canvas Pint Sized Game Changer that has recently been employed with excellent results by ALL TOP 3 Australian PRS shooters in the season Finale... The LVG Spec Pint Sized Game Changer has been lightened, tweaked and refined for more practical, field type firing and hunting.

Weight has been cut by more than 50%, traction has been increased with the use of non-adhesive grip fabric both in the wedge and across the top to enhance stability on those pesky metal pipe and tube barricades.

We believe this is truly an item that is worthy of any serious shooters mountain bag.. Equally at home in competition as it is in the hills conducting Defence / Law Enforcement operations and or hunting.


The LVG Spec Game Changer is also extremely capable as a rear bag, when flipped upside down the wedge supports evenly both sides of the stock, mechanically clamping it in place limiting side to side movement! Our 300 Win Mag actually fired it's all time best group with a GC in this configuration.

Another option is to lay it on an edge and use the grippy surface as a ramp leading up to your shoulder for enhanced elevation adjustment... Possibilities are endless with the GC.

Above you can get a better appreciation of the FULL SIZE original Armageddon Gear spec Game Changer (2.2kg approx) compared to the smaller PINT SIZED (LVG Spec) Game Changer in 500 Denier Nylon that weighs 1.2kg approx.... Similar shape, much smaller size, similar practicality.


- Grippy fabric across the top and in the wedge for ENHANCED grip and stability.
- Single 1" webbing handle to keep weight down and utility up.
- 1,100 grams of our LVG poly pellet fill for excellent pliability and weight distribution.
- Exclusively available at LVG in the ever glorious A-TACS IX 500 Denier Cordura Nylon.

THIS IS CURRENTLY A PRE-ORDER ITEM, we have just about sold out of ALL of the initial shipment... Fill out the PRE-ORDER form by clicking this text HERE to secure yours!

If you have any questions, please just ask.. We really appreciate the support and can't wait to get these moving across Australia and the world.




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