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The ‘AURORA’ is more than just another stability bag! Highly functional, versatile, relatively light weight and compact in size, Aurora is aimed towards Military & Police snipers / sierra's where space & weight are critical and equipment is limited to what can be realistically carried & deployed with!

We set out to design ONE bag that would offer stability & speed while being compact & simple. Ideally, a bag that would eliminate for the most part, the requirement for carrying more gear on operations.

Currently available barricade shooting bags feature either rounded OR straight edged triangle based centre junctions. Both of these excellent designs have certain advantages and drawbacks in terms of Centre Of Gravity, pivot point, surface area and shape-varying options.

Available market offerings are symmetrical in shape, limiting options in terms of vastly varying the bags shape to maximise contact and stability along with efficiently pairing with current defence based weapon platforms.

Dimensions (approximate):
Length: 200mm
Height: 150mm
Width: 120mm
Weight: 1480gm approx (poly pellets)


• The Aurora is asymetrical in design, there is no rear or front end. One half is a triangle, the other half is a rectangle.
• The junction is approximately 40mm in diameter allowing it to better conform to wider objects over the traditional triangle shaped junction that often leads to air space and loss of stability.
• The junction and top surface are close together, allowing a lower overall centre of gravity whereas most barricade bags RAISE the rifle 1-4 inches above the object, increasing wobble and slop in the system.
• Grab handle on either end, contoured out for use with gloves.
• Reinforced junction area with twin layer 500 Denier Cordura for increased abrasion resistance.
• Flat top panel for increased surface area contact. Cookie options are curved, limiting potential surface contact area.
•Vertical face on the rectangle end, suitable for SR25 / HK417 / OBR style weapons with
extended vertical magazines allowing the shooter to push forward and effectively load the barricade with their mass.
• The removable top strap is highly adjustable and has G-Hook clamps for quick on-off when the elastic keepers are slid out of the way. For run-and-gun applications or for tethering for ASO.
• When used on wider objects, the rectangle end is capable of flipping up, in line with the top edge to create a long, flat, padded surface for firing from unlike any other barricade bag available currently.
• Designed by Low Vis Gear. Manufactured by SORD Australia to ISO standards. Inspected and assembled by Low Vis Gear, Melbourne.


The "Aurora" is an unacknowledged US Air Force stealth surveillance aircraft program dating back to the 1980's. Rumored to be capable of hyper sonic speeds, the aircraft allegedly has a triangular shape due to the extreme temperature of leading edges at extremely high speeds. The US government denies having ever built one.