LVG Training Tip 2: Prone Recoil Management

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LVG Training Tip 2: Prone Recoil Management

Building on 'Prone 1' - With your feet now flat on the ground, square yourself up with the muzzle of the rifle allowing it to aim towards the target comfortably (natural point of aim) with minimal effort. Settle yourself down so you are doing as little as possible. The rifle is supported by a bipod / pack or bag and the rear of the stock is supported by a rear bag, your hand (not ideal, bones and inconsistent movement) or some other form of interim padding item.

Try to keep your shoulders, hips and knees in straight lines, PERPENDICULAR (at 90 degrees) to the center of muzzle in order to assist with recoil management. With your body square, the recoil impulse should push directly and evenly towards your supporting body mass then return to where it was or not far from it...

If your hips and or legs were off-line or your entire body was off center, the muzzle would most likely jump off target during recoil... This will only slow down your follow up shots and make spotting and calling your own impacts difficult.

Ideally the muzzle line will run down the inside of your weapon side knee... Once you are in what you think is a good position, have a mate to take a quick photo from above so you can assess your position and go from there.


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